Dog works in a funeral home giving comfort to mourners.

Wilson, a yellow lab in Ohio, was formerly a rescue dog. He now works at the Fawcett, Oliver, Glass and Palmer Funeral Home providing comfort to grieving people. You can read more about how Oliver has been received in the Lancaster Eagle Gazette. ...

Owl survives 140 mile trek stuck in a truck grill.

[caption id="attachment_71" align="alignright" width="75" caption="Owl"]owl[/caption] What an amazing story of survival!  Poor Oliver the Owl was hit by a truck travelling down the highway.  He traveled 140 miles holding on to the grill of the truck with his talons.  When he was discovered by the drivers, they were able to take him to the RSPCA where he is now receiving treatment.  Read the full story here. ...

Rinderpest no more! A deadly disease is eradicated.

Rinderpest is a horrible disease that can affect cattle and is usually life threatening. The disease was known to kill entire herds of cattle. It is now believed that the disease has been completely eradicated. Read more at ...

Is it dangerous to sleep with your pet in your bed?

A new study discusses the dangers of sleeping with a pet in your bed. Although rare, it's possible to get cat scratch disease, meningitis or even the plague just from having a pet in your bed. Read the full story at USA Today. ...

This cat lives in a tree permanently!

A man in Wisconsin found a cat in a tree and couldn't get him down. The cat has lived there for 7 months and gets fed salami and meatloaf every day.


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