Insurance Companies Don’t Like Dogs?

bulldog clipartDid you know that you may have to pay more home insurance if you own a dog? Some insurance companies are bumping up their rates for dog owners. (more…)...

Dog says moo!

This dog thinks he is a cow! (more…)...

Dog in Japan watches over an injured friend

I don't usually post videos that make me cry, or that show injured animals, but today I'll make an exception. This video is heart warming, but it also shows some of the devastation of the Japanese Earthquake: (more…)...

Will potassium iodide prevent radiation poisoning in pets?

potassium iodideConcerns over pending nuclear fallout in Japan have caused a spike in sales of potassium iodine tablets, not only in Japan, but also one the western coast of USA and Canada.  Some health food stores are completely sold out of potassium iodide as (more…)...

Phenobarbital recall announced – Potentially very serious!

Phenobarbital recallThe FDA has just announced a recall on Phenobarbital pills produced by Qualitest Pharaceuticals.  This recall is on human grade pills, but many dogs and cats are on this medicine as well.



Pig Ear Recall – Salmonella risk

Pig ears recallA recall has been announced on Pig Ears made by Jones Natural Chews.  The company is recalling 2705 boxes of pig's ears because of concerns over salmonella. (more…)...

Recall on Wellness Cat Food

Canned Wellness foodA recall has been announced on lots of Wellness canned cat food. The following lots are recalled: (more…)...

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