New drug released for corneal ulcers in cats and dogs.

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corneal ulcer healingVirbac has just released a new medication intended to help heal corneal ulcers in cats and dogs called REMEND Corneal Repair Drops. The new drug works by transforming a product in the body called hyaluronan into a gel.  The gel greatly improves the cornea’s ability to heal.  Virbac claims that most corneal ulcers will be healed within 48 hours of using the product.

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5 Responses to "New drug released for corneal ulcers in cats and dogs."

  1. BC says:

    It did not work for me in 48 hours or even in 14+days on 3 different cats.

  2. Cheena Eagle Graham says:

    Would this new drug have any effect on pannus?

    1. DrMarie says:

      No, unfortunately not. Pannus is an immune system issue which is different than a corneal ulcer which is usually caused by some kind of trauma. Most cases of Pannus can be helped with steroid drops but there is usually no cure.

  3. Judy B says:

    My ShihTzu has very sesitive eyes (liver color with copper eyes). He has had over 20 abrasions in the past 12 years, nearly everytime he was groomed, bathed or his hiar gets long enough to touch his eyes. My vet gave us remend about a year ago for an abasion and it worked amazinly fast! In addition, my vet has us use one drop beofre each bath or groom and it is the FIRST year in his life that he has not suffered from a single corneal abrasion. I swear by Remend but hardly any vets actually carry it. That is very sad for our pet friends who suffer with so much pain from abarsions. I appreciate you getting the word out!

  4. selene says:

    my 9 yr old boxer healed twice from corneal ulcers and i was using the remend. My dog is not neutered so he heals faster in all cases, the doctors were surprised. He has another ulcer now, hopefully it will heal again as it did the last 2 times. Of course it did in a long period of time. The first time it took me two weeks to find out what he had, and it took more than a month to heal afterwards. The second time (other eye) I recognized it and applied the remend asap so it healed faster, couple of weeks for sure

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