Transdermal drugs for pets may no longer be FDA approved.

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transdermal drugsDoes your pet take a transdermal drug rubbed into the ear such as amitriptyline or tapazole?  The FDA may soon be announcing a new rule which may make getting this medication difficult. 

Right now, compounding pharmacies can make a great number of drugs into an “ear gel” which is much easier to administer than pills or liquid.  The proposed FDA ruling states that compounding pharmacies can only use crushed up pills or capsules to make these drugs and not pure chemicals.

To make these transdermal gels from pills may prove to be difficult as pills contain dyes and fillers.  The dosing may not be as accurate.  Also, the price is likely to go up as well.

Does your pet take a transdermal gel medication?  I’d love to hear your comments on what you think of this news story.

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One Response to "Transdermal drugs for pets may no longer be FDA approved."

  1. BC says:

    This is nothing more than the FDA protecting big PHARMA and their outrageous profits.
    They want to shut down compounding pharmacies. See the lawsuit that Bayer has against a compounding pharmacy in NJ over their marquis paste.

    This is just a side effect of how “we the people” no longer have a government for them or even the semblence of free enterprise. I mean doxy still costing $30 for a 10 day treatment – give us a break.

    Just look at the voluntary recalls of drugs- voluntary so there is no accountability either monetarily or when the bodies start dropping- it makes me sick to see how far we have fallen as a nation.

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