Thyrotabs recall – why are thyroid medicines being recalled?

Thyrotabs recall

There has apparently been a recall on several well known brands of thyroid medications lately, but there is not a lot of information available online.  I've tried to put together as much information as I can in this post. (more…)...

Bil-Jac Recall – Adult Select Formula

Bil Jac Food

Bil-Jac is recalling bags of Adult Select Formula because they have had a few reports of mold in the food.   (more…)...

Radiation in dog food bowls! Petco recall.

Dog food bowl radiation recall

This may the most unusual recall I have written about so far.  Petco announced this week that they were recalling  some metal dog food bones because of small amounts of radiation that is in the metal! (more…)...

Scientists discover why cows have spots!

Cow spots

Isn't science cool???  A new research study looked at possible reasons for cows to have spots and the researcher, Zen Faulkes thinks he has the answer! (more…)...

Shortage of Advantage Flea Control? Discontinued?

Advantage Fea Control

This week on the Ask A Vet Question Facebook Page, a fan asked me if I had heard of a shortage of Advantage flea control.  Apparently she has tried to order it from multiple places with no success.  My own staff recently tried to order Advantage from our supplier and it is on backorder. (more…)...

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