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Natural Balance Food

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One Response to "Natural Balance Food"

  1. PAUX says:

    This dog food/toxin does need to be recalled but not just for the possibility of salmonella, it is lacking in nutritional content. Noted on the label for their potato and duck, potato is mentioned three times in the first five ingredients, duck is the second ingredient. Through processing the duck looses the water content and would be of a significant lower percentage, thus the majority of the protein in this line is vegetable not meat, this can bring about nutritional deficiencies. Dogs have a shorter intestine than us and they do not break down this form of protein easily and it may take longer for them to pass it out of their system, this allows it to ferment and cause the issues that have been reported. Also too much of this veg. fiber increases the fecal bulk with increased defacation of large amounts; increased flatulence (gas) and loose stool with possible mucus on the stool due to the irritated intestinal lining. So paying big bucks to starve our animals and to cause toxic affects by this food is outrageous and these manufacturers need to feel the pain as our pets have and thus us. It is easy to make good, nutritious home cooked meals for our pets, and we know what we are putting into it, unlike the kibble out on the marketplace. When this pet food industry has become “big Business” with investment bankers owning some of these companies, you know it isn’t about our pets health anymore, it is about the money to be made. Make you own! My dog recently died due to a Natural Balance diet, never again will I feed Kibble.

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