Humans are getting ill from Salmonella in pet foods


The FDA has announced that they are investigating an outbreak of Salmonella infections in people.  These infections are believed to be linked to dog foods manufactured by (more…)...

HUGE recall on several Diamond brand dog and cat foods.

Kirkland Lamb and Rice

Added May 7,2012: Diamond had incorrectly reported the production codes (to determine if you had an affected bag). I have now updated the article to reflect the correct codes. Added May 18, 2012: The recall has been expanded to include Diamond Naturals Small Breed Adult dog Lamb and Rice as well (see below). The Diamond Recall has expanded!  For the last couple of weeks I have been writing about several recalls on foods manufactured by Diamond.  Initially, there was a recall on Diamond Naturals Lamb and Rice.  This was followed by a recall of Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul.  Then, there was a recall on Diamond Puppy Food, and now the recall has been expanded to include several other brands, including Kirkland food sold at Costco. (more…)...

ANOTHER Diamond Pet Food Recall

Diamond Puppy Food

Added May 4, 2012: This recall has been expanded. Additionally, some PEOPLE are being infected with Salmonella because of this recall. For more information see here: (more…)


Recall on Chicken Soup for the Soul Dog Food

Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul Recall

Added May 4, 2012: This recall has been expanded. Additionally, some PEOPLE are being infected with Salmonella because of this recall. For more information see here: (more…)


Iverhart Max Recall

Iverhart Max

There sure have been a lot of recalls lately!  This time, instead of a pet food recall, this one affects the heartworm medication, Iverhart Max.  The medication was voluntarily recalled because of concerns with (more…)...

Kirkland dog food recall?

Kirkland Dog Food

Added May 4, 2012: No more speculating...there has been an official recall announced of Kirkland Dog foods as well as a number of other foods made at the Diamond plant. (more…)...

Diamond Naturals Lamb and Rice Recall

Diamond Naturals Lamb and Rice Recall

Added May 4, 2012: This recall has been expanded. Additionally, some PEOPLE are being infected with Salmonella because of this recall. For more information see here: (more…)


Is there a shortage of Interceptor and Sentinel for dogs?

Interceptor and Sentinel

If your dog takes the heartworm preventative medication called Interceptor, or the heartworm and flea prevention called Sentinel, you may have trouble buying the product right now. (more…)...

Recall on Arrow Brand Dog Food

There has been yet another recall on pet food because of the possibility of aflatoxin contamination!   (more…)...

River Run and Marksman Dog Food Recall

Marksman and River Run dog foods

This is the second aflatoxin related dog food recall this week.  Earlier we reported that there was a voluntary recall of a lot of Iams Puppy Food.  This time, River Run and Marksman Dog food, both made by Cargill feed are being recalled because of possible aflatoxin contamination. (more…)...

Recall on Iams Dog Food

Iams puppy food recall

One lot of Iams dog food has been voluntarily recalled because of  the detection of higher than expected levels of aflatoxin.  So far no dogs have knowingly become sick. (more…)...

Tolfedine Reactions in Canada

Tolfedine reactions in Canada

Tolfedine is an anti-inflammatory drug that is often used by Canadian veterinarians for pain relief in cats.  My office recently received a letter from the makers of Tolfedine stating that there have been an increased number of adverse reactions reported to Tolfedine lately. (more…)...

New study determines whether seizures are affected by moon phases.

Does moon phase affect seizures?

Many people believe that animals or people who have seziures will be more prone to having a seizure during certain phases of the moon.  This Wikipedia article describes something called the "Lunar Effect".  A recent study looked at how many seizures animals had during different phases of the moon. (more…)...

Caninsulin Shortage


It came to my attention today that there is a shortage of Caninsulin in Canada.   (more…)...

Propofol shortage

propofol shortage

The FDA is reporting a shortage of the drug, propofol.  Propofol is a medication that is injected intravenously in order to induce anesthetic in dogs and cats.  The most common use for propofol in animals is to administer it at the start of an anesthetic procedure.  This renders the animal completely unconscious so that a breathing tube can be placed in order to administer a gas anesthetic. (more…)...

Would you buy a cat fur coat?

Cat fur coats

According to ABC News, a man in Germany has been caught selling coats made of cat fur at a German market.  (more…)...

Milkbone recall?

Milkbone recall?

There have been rumors lately of a recall on Milkbone dog biscuits.  There has been no official statement on the MilkBone Website.  However, we did find this on the Milkbone Facebook page: (more…)...

Pets to be banned from airline cabins?

Dog on a plane

This week the Canadian Medical Association has voted 93% in favor of asking airlines to ban pets from flying in the cabin.  The concern is that these pets may be severely affecting people with allergies to pets. (more…)...

Have a photo made from your pet’s ashes

Photo of your pet using his ashes

This is interesting - a company in Norway has designed a way to create a photo to memorialize your pet using his or her ashes. (more…)...

Should cats be vegans?

Should cats be vegans?

Seriously?  PETA is now urging people to feed their cats vegan diets.  This is a really dangerous statement and I am urging people not to listen to this advice! (more…)...

Immiticide Shortage

Immiticide shortage

Immiticide (melarsomine dihydrochloride), the drug that is used to treat a heartworm infection in dogs, is no longer available.  The makers of this drug, Merial, have announced that they have completely run out of stock.  The outage may last several weeks or months. (more…)...

Doggie Wishbone Recall

Doggie Wishbone recall

There has been another recall because of concerns of Salmonella.  This time, Merrick Pet Care is recalling a single lot of Doggie Wishbones because they may be contaminated with Salmonella. (more…)...

The Pot Patch for Dogs

Marijuana Dog

In search of a natural pain reliever for your pet?  Well, look no more!  A patent has just been granted for "the pot patch" - a patch that administers medical marijuana to cats, dogs and horses. (more…)...

A new way to castrate cats by injection

cat castration

A study, published by BMC Veterinary Research discusses a new way to castrate cats.  The article describes using an injection of calcium chloride dihydrate into the testicles.   (more…)...

Purina One Vibrant Maturity Recall

Purina One Recall

    Purina has just announced a recall on Purina One Vibrant Maturity 7+ dry cat food.  Some bags of this food have been found to be contaminated with Salmonella. (more…)...

Friskies and Cat Chow Recall

Friskies recall

Purina has just announced a recall on certain bags of Friskies and Cat chow. The food may be contaminated with Salmonella. (more…)...

New drug for urinary incontinence in dogs.

Urinary Incontinence in Dogs

The FDA has announced the approval of a new drug used to treat urinary incontinence in dogs.  Incurin contains Estriol which is a hormone that helps improve the tone of the muscles of the urethra. (more…)...

Do hypoallergenic dogs exist?

hypoallergenic dog?

It is widely believed that certain breeds of dogs are less likely to cause people with dog allergies to be affected by them, but a new study is saying that this is not true! (more…)...

PetArmor Plus Recall

pet armor plus same as frontline?

You've probably seen them: new flea products have come on the market recently, claiming to be the same as Frontline Plus, but costing about half of the price. (more…)...

Chicken Jerky from China may be causing Fanconi syndrome in dogs

dog eating chicken jerky

Added October 25, 2011:  Even though this story was first published in June of 2011, we are still getting reports coming in of dogs getting sick and the culprit is suspected to be chicken jerky treats manufactured in China.  Read through the comments section at the end to get more interesting discussion on this problem. Added November 4, 2011:  I have just filed a report with the FDA and alerted them to read the comments on this blog.  I would urge any of you who have a dog who you suspect is ill because of eating tainted chicken jerky to have your vet file a pet food safety report with the FDA.   Added November 18, 2011: The FDA has paid attention! Today they announced a caution against chicken jerkey. You can read it here. There is no official recall yet, but stay tuned. And please leave a comment if you think your pet has gotten sick after eating chicken jerky treats. Added December 29, 2011: MSNBC is reporting that the FDA has now announced that they are investigating 353 reports of dogs getting sick after eating chicken jerky. The FDA is working hard to determine the reason, but so far has not figured out what the culprit is! Because there is no specific product that can be blamed, the FDA has not issued a recall. Added Jan 9, 2013: There has been a recall announced on two brands of chicken jerky because of antibiotic residue. However, it is unlikely that this recall is connected to the problems described in this article and comments. Click here to read more about this recall. Note: The original article was written because some Canadian vets were suspecting that chicken jerky made in China was causing Fanconi syndrome in dogs. However, there may be more than just Fanconi syndrome now. Be sure to read the comments in this article to get the full story.

Original article starts here:

Some Canadian veterinarians are noticing an increase in cases of Fanconi syndrome.  The CVMA recently published this warning: (more…)...

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