Shortage of Advantage Flea Control? Discontinued?

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This week on the Ask A Vet Question Facebook Page, a fan asked me if I had heard of a shortage of Advantage flea control.  Apparently she has tried to order it from multiple places with no success.  My own staff recently tried to order Advantage from our supplier and it is on backorder.

Advantage Fea ControlOn the Bayer Advantage website, there is no mention of an Advantage recall or shortage.  However, I did notice that under the “products” section Advantage was not listed.  Instead, the focus was on Bayer’s new product Advantage II.  

What is the difference between Advantage and Advantage II?

Advantage II contains the same ingredient as Advantage – Imidacoprid.  But, it also contains an additional ingredient called pyriproxyfen.  Pyriproxyfen is an insect growth regulator.  The addition of this drug to Advantage, makes Advantage II able to control all life stages of fleas and not just the adults as before.

It looks like Bayer is phasing out Advantage and instead, selling the new Advantage II.  So if you are trying to buy “regular” Advantage, you likely will not be able to find it.

Have you used Advantage II?

Have you used the new topical flea product Advantage II?  If so, I would love for you to leave a comment below.  Your comments will help people who are searching for similar information.

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3 Responses to "Shortage of Advantage Flea Control? Discontinued?"

  1. Patrice says:

    My new rescue mini poodle for her hart guard yesterday for 20bs. When I went outside. She ripped open and ate my australian shepards 40-60 l. Dose of trifexis. Her dose + 40-60 dose she is Lethargic , I gave her charcoal. She vommitted a lot this morning. Quiet and sleepy. But NO seizures or neuro deficits.
    Since heartworm is long acting can she get worse later? . Eating rice and water alright. I so worried I did damage to the poodle.
    Any advice ?

  2. Lin says:

    I called my Vet today and she told me that Advantage has been discontinued. Does anyone know why? It’s scary when this happens as I wonder why?

  3. Lin says:

    What flea prevention should I use now? One of my dogs was allergic to the topical revolution and the advantage worked but now it’s discontinued?

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