New study looks at intratesticular injections for neutering cats.

cat castration

Veterinarians in Brazil have released a study that looks at the effectiveness of using zinc gluconate injections in the testicles of cats as a replacement for neutering.  You can read the study abstract here. (more…)...

Will neutering your dog cause cancer? Be careful how you interpret this new study.

Golden Retriever

Does spaying or neutering your dog greatly increase the risk of cancer? A new study seems to suggest so. An article in the Toronto Star recently discussed this study and in my opinion, has sensationalized the results. (more…)...

Hartz Chicken Chews and Oinkies Pig Skin Twists Recall

Hartz Oinkies

Hartz is recalling Hartz Chicken Chews and Hartz Oinkies Pig Skin Twists for dogs.  The recall only affects treats sold in the United States.   (more…)...

Chicken Jerky Recall – Is this why pets were getting sick?

Milos chicken jerky

It's hard to believe that it has been 19 months since I first wrote about a potential problem with chicken jerky treats in dogs.  Since then, hundreds of people have left comments on that article, describing how their pets have gotten sick.  Some have even claimed that their dogs had died as a result of eating chicken jerky.   (more…)...

How can this vet student earn money to stay in school?

Vet School Diary Chris

I recently became a follower of an interesting Twitter account,  @VetSchoolDiary.  Chris is a veterinary student who tweets about his experiences as a veterinary student.  What a great idea! Chris shares his story here about why he, a resident of the UK decided (more…)...

Oregano instead of antibiotics?


It sounds wacky, doesn't it?  Who would think that the spice oregano could take the place of antibiotics?  Is this just a silly internet rumor?  Or is there any truth to the idea that oregano can replace antibiotics? (more…)...

Recall on Nature’s Deli Chicken Jerky?

Natures Deli sold at Costco

Here we go again with another chicken jerky problem.  The FDA has put out a warning that Nature's Deli Chicken Jerky treats should not be fed to pets.  The company who makes the chicken jerky has initiated a voluntary recall because of the possibility of Salmonella contamination.  The treats are sold at Costco Stores. (more…)...

Wellness Small Breed Adult Food Recall

Wellness Natural Pet Food has announced a recall on their Facebook page.  The recall affects 12 pound bags of Small Breed Adult Health Dry Dog Food with a best by date of Aug 18, 2013.   (more…)...

Thyrotabs recall – why are thyroid medicines being recalled?

Thyrotabs recall

There has apparently been a recall on several well known brands of thyroid medications lately, but there is not a lot of information available online.  I've tried to put together as much information as I can in this post. (more…)...

Bil-Jac Recall – Adult Select Formula

Bil Jac Food

Bil-Jac is recalling bags of Adult Select Formula because they have had a few reports of mold in the food.   (more…)...

Radiation in dog food bowls! Petco recall.

Dog food bowl radiation recall

This may the most unusual recall I have written about so far.  Petco announced this week that they were recalling  some metal dog food bones because of small amounts of radiation that is in the metal! (more…)...

Scientists discover why cows have spots!

Cow spots

Isn't science cool???  A new research study looked at possible reasons for cows to have spots and the researcher, Zen Faulkes thinks he has the answer! (more…)...

Shortage of Advantage Flea Control? Discontinued?

Advantage Fea Control

This week on the Ask A Vet Question Facebook Page, a fan asked me if I had heard of a shortage of Advantage flea control.  Apparently she has tried to order it from multiple places with no success.  My own staff recently tried to order Advantage from our supplier and it is on backorder. (more…)...

VitaKitty Recall

Vita Kitty Food

Arthur Dogswell LLC has just announced a voluntary recall of VitaKitty Chicken Breast with flaxseed and vitamins.  So far, no animals have been reported sick because of this food, but the concern is (more…)...

Lafeber Nutri Berries Recall


Do you feed your bird Lafeber Nutri Berries?  If so, you need to know that there is a voluntary recall on these treats.  The problem lies with a particular type of grain that was in the treats.  (more…)...

Convenia injections not the best treatment for feline URTI.

Kitten URTI

A new study, published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association looked at how effective Cefovecin (Convenia) was as an antibiotic when treating upper respiratory infections (URTI) in cats as compared to oral medicines like Amoxicillin-Clavulinic Acid (Clavamox or Clavaseptin) or Doxycycline. (more…)...

Chicken Jerky Problems – The latest news.

Dog gets chicken jerky treat

A year ago, I first wrote about a concern that some veterinarians had about chicken jerky treats causing problems for dogs.  Since then, that article has received over 600 comments from people whose dogs have been made sick (or have even died) as a result of eating chicken jerky treats.  And, to date, the FDA has not been able to find out what the problem is!  Today, the FDA put out a news bulletin to tell the public what they are doing to try to solve the mystery. (more…)...

Something that’s in YOUR house could be causing your cat’s hyperthyroidism!

Cat and dust

I just read a very interesting new study from the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health that looked at a possible cause for hyperthyroidism in cats.  The study looked at something called PBDE's (polybrominated diphenyl ethers) and I can guarantee you that you have these in your house! (more…)...

Purina expands vitamin D recall

Mazuri food

The Purina recall I wrote about this morning has now been expanded to include a large number of foods.  All of these foods could possibly contain very high levels of vitamin D.   (more…)...

Purina fish and horse food recall

Purina game fish chow.

It's not often that I write about fish or horses, but Purina has just announced a recall on several brands of fish food and some horse food as well.  The problem with the food is (more…)...

Recall on Prairie Beef Meal & Barley Medley Kibble for Dogs

Nature's Variety has just announced a recall on Prairie Beef Meal & Barley Medley Kibble for Dogs.  The recall was announced because of a mysterious  (more…)...

Pedigree recall due to pieces of plastic!

Recalled Pedigree Foods

Pedigree pet foods has announced a recall on three types of weight management canned foods.  There potentially pieces of plastic in the food!  This happened because  (more…)...

Is Trifexis safe? Are the internet rumors of Trifexis side effects true?

Is Trifexis safe?

Trifexis Side Effects

Added December 2012: This article has collected a LOT of comments from people concerned about Trifexis side effects. I am torn on how to report on this issue. The fact that hundreds of you feel that Trifexis has been harmful to your pet is disturbing. However, if Trifexis is causing these serious side effects then I should be able to find a lot of discussion about this on places like Veterinary Information Network where tens of thousands of vets talk about their cases, and I am not. If your pet has suffered Trifexis side effects then PLEASE have your veterinarian file a report with the FDA.  If there is a problem with the medication the only way the FDA will act is if they get enough reports of Trifexis side effects from veterinarians.

Original article starts here:

Trifexis is a relatively new heartworm and flea medication.  I have been prescribing a lot of it this year and it seems to be quite effective.  But recently I have heard a number of people on the internet complaining of possible serious Trifexis side effects.  So, is it true? Does Trifexis have serious side effects? Is Trifexis safe? (more…)...

Is Heartgard safe for collies?

Is heargard safe for collies?

You are likely aware that there is a shortage of Interceptor and Sentinel right now.  I have had several comments on my post about the Novartis shortages from people who are upset because they have a breed of dog who is sensitive to ivermectin and they feel that Interceptor and Sentinel are the only drugs that are safe to use for heartworm prevention for their dogs.  I wanted to write a post to explain why this is not true. (more…)...

Recall on Nestle Purina OM Formula

Purina OM recall

It seems that all I am writing about this month is recalls.  Unfortunately, there has been another recall this week.  It is not related to the Salmonella recalls at the Diamond food plant but rather,  (more…)...

Solid Gold dog food recall

Solid Gold dog food

Here is information on the latest recall in connection with the Diamond Pet Food salmonella contamination issue.  Solid Gold Health Products for Pets has announced  (more…)...

Does the Kirkland Recall affect Costco Canada?


I have had several readers ask me if the recall on Kirkland food sold at Costco also affects dog food purchased in Canada.  Several of my Canadian readers have commented on this blog that they have received (more…)...

Recall on Wellness dog foods

Wellness Complete Health Dog Food

Wellness pet food has announced a recall on several foods that were manufactured at the Diamond Pet Food plant that has been fraught with problems with salmonella contamination. (more…)...

Recall on Canidae dog foods.

Canidae dog food

Added May 7, 2012: Diamond incorrectly identified the production codes for affected lots. This article has been updated to reflect the proper codes.

Adding to the growing list of salmonella related dog food recalls, here is another.  Canidae has announced a voluntary recall of several of their dog foods. (more…)...

Recall on Natural Balance Dog Foods

Natural Balance Food

    Here is another brand of food to add to the ever growing list of recalls due to concerns over salmonella contamination. (more…)...

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