Pets to be banned from airline cabins?

Dog on a plane

This week the Canadian Medical Association has voted 93% in favor of asking airlines to ban pets from flying in the cabin.  The concern is that these pets may be severely affecting people with allergies to pets. (more…)...

Have a photo made from your pet’s ashes

Photo of your pet using his ashes

This is interesting - a company in Norway has designed a way to create a photo to memorialize your pet using his or her ashes. (more…)...

Should cats be vegans?

Should cats be vegans?

Seriously?  PETA is now urging people to feed their cats vegan diets.  This is a really dangerous statement and I am urging people not to listen to this advice! (more…)...

Immiticide Shortage

Immiticide shortage

Immiticide (melarsomine dihydrochloride), the drug that is used to treat a heartworm infection in dogs, is no longer available.  The makers of this drug, Merial, have announced that they have completely run out of stock.  The outage may last several weeks or months. (more…)...

Doggie Wishbone Recall

Doggie Wishbone recall

There has been another recall because of concerns of Salmonella.  This time, Merrick Pet Care is recalling a single lot of Doggie Wishbones because they may be contaminated with Salmonella. (more…)...

The Pot Patch for Dogs

Marijuana Dog

In search of a natural pain reliever for your pet?  Well, look no more!  A patent has just been granted for "the pot patch" - a patch that administers medical marijuana to cats, dogs and horses. (more…)...

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