Ask A Vet Question is a website that was created by me, veterinarian Dr. Marie Haynes. The main purpose of this site is to provide a resource of good and accurate online veterinary advice. As a practicing veterinarian, I am shocked at some of the inaccurate information that my clients find on the internet. You can rest assured here that everything you read is good, sound veterinary medicine. I may not know everything, but I can tell you that I do a lot of thorough research to answer the questions that you read here. I have actually learned a lot by running this site!

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Dr. MarieDr. Marie is a veterinarian who practices in a busy animal hospital in Ottawa, Ontario. She created Ask A Vet Question as a resource for good, accurate veterinary advice online. Dr. Marie treats dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, and rats. She has been a vet since 1999.

Is an online vet visit just as good as a trip to your veterinarian? No! But, many times, asking an online veterinarian a question can help save you money. While Dr. Marie can't officially diagnose your pet or prescribe medications, she can often advise you on whether a vet visit is necessary. You can also ask Dr. Marie for a second opinion on your pet's condition.