Woman returns dog because he clashes with the curtains.

A woman in the UK adopted a Jack Russell Terrier from the shelter recently. She kept him for a week and then returned him. The reason given..."He clashed with her curtains." Read the full story in The Telegraph. ...

200 Cows killed by bad potatoes.

200 Cows in Wisconsin have died mysteriously. The University of Wisconsin-Madison is reporting that the cause of the deaths was moldy sweet potatoes. Tests on the feed samples found a mycotoxin called ipmeanol. It was originally thought that a respiratory virus was the culprit. ...

Why did 5000 birds fall from the sky? Suicide?

BIRDRecently 5000 birds were found dead in Arkansas. CNN is reporting that autopsies of the birds showed that the cause of death was not bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, pesticides, or chemicals. Instead, it was determined that they died from blunt force trauma. It is believed that fireworks confused the birds and caused them to fly into mailboxes, trees, houses, and power lines. ...

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