Were fish injured in Chinese magic trick?

Animal rights groups are complaining that magician Fu Yangdong must have either implanted fish with magnets or controlled them with harmful electrical currents.  What do you think? (more…)...

More birds hit planes with red on them – science fair project.

red plane attracts birdsThe prime minister was about to get his plane painted red...until he got news of 15 year old Ally Dunlop's Science Fair project. (more…)...

Stray cat, Larry, hired to catch rats for British PM

Larry the cat was formerly a stray. But he has found a lucky break, being employed as the chief rat catcher at the British Prime Minister's residence of 10 Downing Street. (more…)...

Klepto Kitty! Cat caught on tape stealing from neighbors!

This story is hilarious!  Dusty the cat is always bringing things home at night time that don't belong to him.  He is constantly stealing from the neighbors.  And finally, he is caught on tape! (more…)...

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