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There have been rumors lately of a recall on Milkbone dog biscuits.  There has been no official statement on the MilkBone Website.  However, we did find this on the Milkbone Facebook page:

Milkbone recall?“We have not issued any recall for any of our Milk-Bone dog snacks. Because we believe in the quality of our products, we did initiate a voluntary withdrawal of two sizes of Milk-Bone Large Biscuits with a single lot code from distribution 12071K. We determined that the biscuits may not have been completely dried after the baking process and did not meet our quality standards, but rest assured there is no health or safety issue associated with this product!”

I’m not sure how “not completely drying” a treat will affect it.  Could it possibly cause mold to grow?  I have seen pet foods that have grown mold.  Some moldy foods can produce mycotoxins which are quite toxic.  Or, it’s possible that the not-well-dried treats were simply not as tasty as the regular ones.

Were you affected?

Did any of you have one of the “affected” batches?  I’d love to hear from you.  Post a comment below if you have any more information.

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8 Responses to "Milkbone recall?"

  1. Andre says:

    Have only now come across this recall when I was looking for info on Kirkland recall.
    I have one of these large boxes purchased at Walmart NS (code 12071K). Over half has been used and our dog still seems quite happy with it.
    Should I dispose of the rest?
    Very disappointed with Del monte Foods as Canadian are not welcomed to post questions via their website (you need a US address) and the Canadian site wont accept pet product queries. Talk about hiding behind the web 🙁

  2. Shari says:

    Hi I gave my huskey the Milk-Bone Maro Snacks large Breed and she got super sick. Is there an actual recall on the snacks. I am gong to take her to the vet but would like to know from you guys. We always buy your products.

    1. Melanie says:

      We have a 12 year old Jack Russell. We have been giving him the milkbone maro treats for a few years. Ever so often his throws up all his food. This past week he was throwing up a lot we took him off all his food, just cooked chicken and rice, not even any treats. Started putting in his regular dry food . He’s been good for the last 4 days. My daughter came over yesterday and didn’t know and gave him a treat . An hour later he threw up….. Now we think it’s the treats.

  3. Chris says:

    I have given my dogs Milkbone biscuits for years and years with no problem. However, the current box of large biscuits with lot no. 22011K seems to be making my 12-year-old mixed breed sick. My 4-year-old standard poodle does not have any problem–perhaps because she’s bigger maybe it doesn’t affect her to the same extent. My dog throws up about a hour after she eats the biscuits and, in fact, only eats them so the other dog won’t get them. Of course I will quit giving them to her.

  4. Yara says:

    I DONT understand. How dis they release a lot for consumption if it ‘did not meet’ their quality standards? ‘Did Not Meet’ Quality Standards = Failed Quality Standards = Failed Quality Atributes. I work in the Pharma industry, which is regulated by FDA, as is veteranry products for consumption. The golden rule is the same: failed quality standards, product DOES NOT leave the premises, product does not hit the shelves. :-/

  5. Retriever Mom says:

    I have had these in my house (big treat jar) and both my black lab and golden retriever puppy got violently sick. I finally figured out what was going on this past weekend when I gave a small part of one of the bones to one of my sister’s three dogs and she got sick too.
    Out puppy actually went to the animal ER because I thought he was poisoned. Apparently I am the one poisoning my dog!!! I will NEVER EVER EVER purchase these again or any other Mild Bone product. How sad that they can get away with it.

  6. Genean says:

    I’ve been giving my dog milk bone for months until they started itching without stop! I tried everything nothing worked until went to the groomer. She told me stop feeding milk bones to your dogs.After one day they are sleeping like babies!! What the Hell is in that stuff!! They have sores all over there bodies from that stuff.DO NOT FEED YOUR DOGS THAT LOW QUALITY PRODUCT!

    I am sitting on my bed watching my dogs finally have some relief after dealing with so much pain! Don’t buy it please!

  7. pat ostrander says:

    I bought my puppy two new things to his diet , one box of puppy milk bones, and purina beniful puppy chow. he all of a sudden started drinking water like nothing i have ever seen and peeing constantly and sometimes lately that he couldn’t even control it. I knew I had never experienced this before with my other dogs and he is a clean puppy even when he has to use puppy pads in a tray, today when i took him to the vets for his lyme shot i told the vet about it and they got a urine sample it showed alot of blood and he was put on a strong antibiotic but if its not better in seven days then it goes from there , the vet said he didn’t have diabetes , and i have been buying quality chew things for him at a reputable pet supply business which sells no wagon train or recall items . So the only diet change was I added the milk bones and beniful puppy chow from the purina puppy chow i had been giving him , since i bought the both at the same time within a few weeks these symptoms became worse and because i live in a apt complex i was able to catch the change because he uses puppy pads in between and the huge amount of water he was drinking and huge amounts of urination i went thru nearly 300 puppy pads in one month as well as taking him out in the early hours of day and evening. if i had not known he was a clean puppy i may have made an error of thinking he was being bad but also it was undeniable the amounts of water he was drinking since he is a pug , pom mix h’e not a large dog but drinks more any large dog and this last week had issue’s with contancy and i’m so thankful i mentioned it to the vet. he is on a strong antibiotic and has to have another urine test in seven days . i’m so praying it wasn’t contaminated dog treat or the dog food tho the dog food is on a list put on Facebook this week.

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