River Run and Marksman Dog Food Recall

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This is the second aflatoxin related dog food recall this week.  Earlier we reported that there was a voluntary recall of a lot of Iams Puppy Food.  This time, River Run and Marksman Dog food, both made by Cargill feed are being recalled because of possible aflatoxin contamination.

Marksman and River Run dog foodsCargill has posted an explanation for their recall on their website.  Their explanation is interesting!  They state that they test the corn that comes into their plant for presence of aflatoxin.  However, they recently discovered that their aflatoxin tests were not working as well as they should and were underestimating aflatoxin levels.  They received a batch of corn that actually did contain aflatoxin but did not detect this until the dog food had already been shipped.  As a precaution they are recalling a number of food lots.  To see if your dog’s bad of food is on the list, you can check the list here.

It is important to note that there have been no reported cases of illness.  Aflatoxin can cause liver problems and can present as lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, jaundice and possibly seizures.  If you feel that your dog is sick because of eating one of these foods then please call your vet immediately.  They will file a report with the FDA and will initiate the proper treatment.

Has your dog been affected?

If you feel that your dog has been affected by this recall please leave a comment below.  By leaving comments, you can help other pet owners who are looking for information.


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