What is this bump on my dog's ear?

OK folks...let's see how smart you are! What do you think the bump is on this dog's ear? Here is some background information. The dog is a 4 year old Boxer cross. The bump just appeared and doesn't seem to bother her at all. What do you think it is? Leave a comment below!

bump on dog's ear


Could it be a wart or a small cyst?
Looks like an Apocrine sweat gland to me.
My two your old male beagle has a bump just like the picture. Is this something I need to worry about? Please help. Thank you.
My boxer had a bump like that but it got bigger and bigger as time went by so we took him to the vet and it turned out to be a tumor so he had to get it cut out.
I have a pit bull who have something looking like this on his ear. his looks a little different though its dried blood covered. he hasn't seemed to bother it much he does throw his arm up and try to seems like take his ear off ha i don't know let me know please what you think this could possibly be.. i don't want to take him to the vet and get the same "it will go away" answer. it costs too darn much to spend money at the vet for them to just tell you to go home.. thank you for your time :)
My dog, a german short haired pointer, 6 years old has one like this. It's scary. Our vet thinks it's a cyst or something like a histiocytoma. We are getting a biopsy. I suggest getting one too.
I realize it costs a lot to take your dog to the vet, but that's part of owning an animal. Trust me, I recently had to put my dog through a VERY expensive surgery because of a (thankfully) non-cancerous tumor. He's a 15 pound dog that's now walking around with literally 5 inches of stitches down behind his ear, down his neck, and further. I literally had to go without some stuff, and will be eating VERY cheaply for a while after this. However I fully understood that sometimes dogs cost money when I got him. I don't want to be a mean person, but you need to understand that it's simply inhumane to take an animal in, and then decide that the internet is better than the vet because it "costs too much". I REALLY hope you see this, and take that poor dog to the vet. Imagine if it was you, unable to tell anybody that you're in pain.. But your family member decided that they'd rather trust the internet because it just costs too much to have a doctor tell them you're probably OK.
My pit bull has a whole bunch of small bumps on here ear (they look like small bug bites) Im really worried and hope it's not cancer or anything serious! Please help me! I hope to get some answers! I am happy to send pictures!


The lump on this dog's ear is likely a histiocytoma. Usually these will go away on their own within a few weeks to months. However, it could also be something more serious like a mast cell tumor. It's probably a good idea to have your vet check it out!

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