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Do you have a paralyzed or disabled dog?

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If so, Dr. Marie would like to hear your dog’s story. She is compiling a book about dogs with disabilities. This book will help many people learn what is involved in caring for and owning a paralyzed dog. Our hope is that many dogs will be saved from euthanasia because their owners have read the many stories of dogs who live happily with a disability.

Your submission can be as long or short as you would like. Should Dr. Marie choose your story, she may do some minor editing on it. She will send you an edited copy by email for your final approval before it goes in the book.

Here is an outline to help get you started…but if you have more (or less) to write, that is ok!

  • Tell us about your dog’s life before the accident/illness
  • Tell us what happened. What were the vet visits like? Did you have hard decisions to make?
  • If your dog uses a wheelchair or cart, describe for us the process of getting and fitting the cart.
  • Tell us stories of what your dog’s life is like now. Is there special care that you need to do? How well does he or she get around? What products have you needed to buy for your dog? What special challenges does your dog face?
  • Is there any advice that you would give to owners who are facing the prospect of owning a paralyzed dog?
  • We would love to have pictures of your dog as well!

    If your dog’s story is published you will receive a free copy of the book!

    You can email your story to drmarie (at)

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