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Crusty sores on cat.

Species: Cat
Breed: himalayan
Age: 11-15 years
I noticed Robin had a sore that seemed infected under the right side of his chin. I was cleaning it with hydrogen peroxide. It now seems to be healing. When checking him over I noticed some crusty stuff on the top of his head and his upper chest. I shaved his fur and his skin seemed pink and then moist and he seemed to get these crusty moist almost skin looking stuff over top. I noticed more of a sore in the corner of his right ear. I put some vitamin e oil on top and the pink seems to be fading but he still gets this moist crusty type surface over top. I switched his food to natural balance duck and green pea in case of an allergic reaction - he previously ate origin food (I gave him purina cat treats and this is when all of this seemed to start) He is still eating and drinking well and seems normal otherwise. We recently lost our business so I cannot afford a costly veternrian visit and would prefer to help him holistically if possible. Thank you for taking the time to help us.

Online vet, Dr. Marie

Dr. Marie replied:

You're very welcome. Sorry to hear that Robin is having these problems.

Do you think it is possible to send me some pictures of Robin's skin problems? If so, you can send them as a response to the email that told you you had a reply waiting from me.

I have some other questions for you too before I answer:

-Is he itchy?
-Is the skin pink everywhere, or just where these spots are?
-How long have you been seeing a skin problem for?


Dr. Marie.

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Customer reply:

Sorry Dr. Marie - I got so busy sending pictures that I forgot to answer your questions.

Robin seems slightly itchy - but nothing that I would call obsessive - he seems to want to scratch only the parts of his skin that appear to be dry - he has been very agreeable with me touching him though and maybe it is because he is itchy but can't scratch the top of his head - he seems to like it if I lightly rub his head with the flat part of my finger. He does try to lick his chest though and washes his face with his paws.

The skin on top of his head is now a lighter pink than previously - it is pinkest where he seems to have the sore spot by his ear

I would say the sore under his chin has been there for two weeks but I just saw his other problems on Thursday. His sore seems to be healing now though

Online vet, Dr. Marie

Dr. Marie replied:

Hmm...for some reason I haven't received any photos. You can try sending them to, if you haven't already done so.

I can think of a few reasons for a cat to have problems, but it would be so much easier with a picture!

Sorry for the delay. If you are unable to get pictures to me then I'll type you out an answer of the possibilities. But, again, it'll be so much easier if I can see the skin.


Online vet, Dr. Marie

Dr. Marie replied:

OK, thanks for the pictures. I've placed a couple of them here:

skin lesions on a cat

skin lesions on a cat

As your read my answer, keep in mind that an online vet visit can never take the place of a visit with your veterinarian and that I can't actually diagnose your pet. But I can give you a few of my thoughts.

It looks like there is some type of infection present. It's hard to say for sure though! It could be that there is a bacterial infection. If this is the case, some really minor infections will clear up with a few days of polysporin or neosporin applied 3x daily. But, the vast majority of the time oral antibiotics are needed.

Another possibility is ringworm which is a fungal infection. Sometimes mild fungal infections will go away with a cream called griseofulvin (which is prescription as well). But many cats need oral antifungal drugs in order to get better.

It's also possible that these are lesions called eosinophilic plaques. We don't really know why cats get these. They usually need to be treated with steroid shots given by the vet.

This really doesn't look typical of a food allergy.

I wish I could give you some at home treatment, but unfortunately it looks like little Robin will need a vet visit. You may get some help from this list of organisations that can help if you need help with paying veterinary bills.

I hope things are looking up soon!

Dr. Marie.

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