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Painful after grooming.

Species: Dog
Breed: Cockapoo
Age: 5-8 years
My dog, Codey (6 yr old rescue cockapoo) went to the groomer yesterday to get groomed. When I went to go pick him up to put him in the car he let out a loud yelp. He got out of the car fine. Walked fine. Walked up our front stairs fine. And has been walking around fine too. This morning I noticed him laying on the floor, looking quite sad. He won't jump on the couch, bed, or in the car. I went to pick him up to put him in the car and he yelped again. I put my hands around his upper chest area and he screamed. Everything seems normal. I thought he might have gotten a cut from the groomer but there is nothing. Not sure why he won't jump anymore or cry when you go to pick him up. Maybe he hurt his hind legs? He sits normal and can move his head. I did notice that he does not lay completely to the side or flat on his stomach with his legs straight out like he always does. He runs, walks, goes up stairs (slowly), but will not jump and cries when you go to pick him up. I called the vet to ask her if anything happened yesterday she said no. He also shakes when you try to pick him up as of he is scared. He was also hiding in the bathroom this morning he does that when he is not feeling well or when it is thundering because he is afraid. Any info on what you think is going on would be greatly appreciated.

Online vet, Dr. Marie

Dr. Marie replied:

Aw, sorry to hear that your dog is not feeling well. It really does sound like there is some kind of pain issue.

The fact that he doesn't want to go up the stairs and cries when you pick him up makes me suspicious that he could have a sore back. I have seen this commonly after a dog has been to the groomer. There is a lot of manipulation and restraint that often has to happen at the groomer. I'm not saying that the groomer was too rough though. Often, if a back problem is looming then it doesn't take much to suddenly cause pain.

Back problems can really vary in their severity. If Codey is still eating ok and does not seem to be in terrible distress, it may be ok to watch him for the next 24 hours and see how things go. However, if you feel that he is quite uncomfortable then it probably is a good idea to see the vet so that they can prescribe some pain medication. If you see worsening symptoms and especially if you see that he is wobbly in the back legs or dragging his knuckles on the ground then this can be a sign of a serious back emergency and he should be seen right away.

There are many other possibilities as to what is happening. It could be that he has a sore limb or that he has some razor burn somewhere that is causing discomfort. But, it definitely sounds like a pain issue.

I wouldn't recommend trying any over the counter pain medication. If you think that he is not improving then having your vet prescribe something is best.

I hope he feels better soon!

Dr. Marie

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Customer reply:

He is now gnawing at his backside. Could be razor burn? Any OTC medications you can suggest? He is running around now but seems panicky and often stops to gnaw on himself.

Online vet, Dr. Marie

Dr. Marie replied:

So sorry for the delay in responding. If you can see some razor burn then some neosporin or polysporin may be helpful. You can use it a few times a day.

Does it look like he is gnawing at his anal region? It's possible he has a problem with one of his anal glands.

I think that it's not a bad idea to take him back to the groomer and ask them to have a thorough look. OR...if he's still quite uncomfortable today then a vet visit is best.

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