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Dog is vomiting again.

Species: Dog
Breed: golden
Age: 1-2 years
Hi Dr. Marie,

Last Tuesday (Dec 6) I came home and Max had vomitted up some bile and a tiny bit of hair in his cage during the day.

Today during the evening walk he stopped and vomitted up 1 t spoon of bile.

That's 9 days apart.

Before, after and in between these times he's always been active, drinks well and eats well (except on the 11th and 12th he was fussy about finishing his breakfast... but he's traditionally had fussy spells).
Today he was 100% in terms of eating and activity all day.

I'm starting to think it's the shredded frozen liver snacks I use to entice him to eat.

He's currently on sulcrate and tylosin, which are to be weaned off in a week or so.

What do you think?


Online vet, Dr. Marie

Dr. Marie replied:

Hi Jay. It sounds like Max has had a period of time where he has been doing really well. A couple of months ago he was vomiting or having diarrhea all the time it seemed!

I find that a lot of dogs will vomit from time to time. Two bouts of vomit, 9 days apart wouldn't get me too worried. Now, if it's happening more and more frequently then we have to wonder if his condition is flaring up again.

The fact that he is bright and full of energy is a good sign as well.

It definitely is possible that the liver is a little too rich for him. Or, he could have a sensitivity to liver.

One other thought - does he get chicken jerky at all? I'm not sure if you saw my article about chicken jerky making dogs sick. I am really suspicious that a lot of dogs are being affected by eating chicken jerky.

I'm supposing that the plan from your vets was to wean him off of the sulcrate and tylosin and see if his vomiting or diarrhea gets worse? If so, if he has had a couple of episodes over the last 2 weeks then you may want to ask your vet if they want you to keep him on the medications for longer. Otherwise, if he gets gastrointestinal symptoms when you take him off you won't know if it is because you stopped the medicines or because he was heading that way anyway.

I hope that helps. Hopefully there is no more vomiting for a long time! But knowing Max, it wouldn't surprise me if suddenly tomorrow he pooped out a Christmas ornament or something like that. :)

Dr. Marie.

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Customer reply:

Knock wood, his lympagetasia seems to be doing really well on the low fat diet.Recal that there was no protein loss component to it.

The vomitting ended in Aug with his Sulcrate /Tylosin/ Maxeran.
And since mid-Oct his low fat diet has lead to harder stools until they have been normal for weeks.

I began giving the liver snacks Oct 18. I think today I gave him twice the amount. He's very sensitive to rich food.

For now Im going to substitute frozen chicken onto his kibble. Hopefully its just that (though I'd think the sulcrate would moderate it).

I do recall he gave a loud snort at 4am and then again a few moments ago. That was a first, but maybe its just from an upset stomach.

By the way the scrolling of the window seems to cut off the left most column until you hit enter.

ANyway Max is Jewish so it would be a menorah he poops.


Merry Christmas to you and your family.


One more funny thing. His left ear produces wax like a candle factory. I have to clean it all the time.

Online vet, Dr. Marie

Dr. Marie replied:

Oh, I can definitely believe that today's upset belly was because he had double liver treats.

LOL about the menorah! My apologies! Although I'm not sure if pooping out a menorah would be any better than a Christmas ornament!

If the ear wax is a new thing it's worthwhile to get him checked out. Often, over production of wax can be an early sign of infection. But there are some dogs that simply produce more wax occasionally.

Customer reply:

He had his check up and the wax was concurrent with an ear infection. But even after he produced a lot. I may take your advice and go see if there are remnants left.

Otherwise he's doing well. 76 lbs of trouble now.

He dug a 6" hole through the bedroom carpet to reach a ball that rolled under the bed.

Take care


Online vet, Dr. Marie

Dr. Marie replied:

Whenever I treat an ear infection I always recommend a recheck cytology check about a week after the medicines are done. It's amazing how often it looks like an infection is cleared up, but microscopically there is still bacteria or yeast there. I would bet that he's still got mild infection!

Good to hear from you again,
Dr. Marie

Customer reply:

I took him to the vet today. Inner ear is clean. Just outer area a bit red. Said to clean it every 3 days for the next week and see.

As a preventitive measure I decided to restart his ear drops last Sunday. Vet said to continue till Sunday then finish.

Online vet, Dr. Marie

Dr. Marie replied:

Sounds like a good plan!

Customer reply:

I don't know if you use ear thermometers in your practice. I bought Max in because he stepped on something (not serious).

Ear ; 34.1, 34.2, 34.5
Rectal : 38.8

Incidentally over the last year years my vet has developed a serious cat allergy!

Online vet, Dr. Marie

Dr. Marie replied:

I've never been a fan of ear themometers, especially in dogs! They are sometimes accurate in cats, but if I really want an accurate temperature I'll always take a rectal temp.

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