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Cat doesn't want to move.

Species: Cat
Breed: domestic shorthair
Age: 1-2 years
My cats bio: July was infested with fleas. Took two months to totally rid them from coming back. She started pulling her tail hair out. Vet said it could be hormones or allergy to the fleas. She then was spayed. One week later she pulled her stitches out, had to return to vet to have them clipped. She then had to return to the vet to have them taken out. two weeks later she seems to be doing great. She only drinks out of the faucet (she has bowls and a fountain sitting out but will not use them. She jumped up to the bathtub, caught a towel and hung then fell 2 ft to the floor. She limped for a week. Vet did a good exam but no exray, his conclusion she tore some tissue. It would heal. She will not jump up on the tub anymore. I put her up there and then she refused to drink. Her appetite is still very good. Vet did a full blood workup, every thing was good. Her urine tested a infection he said urinary tract infection. She is moving around ok now. She will jump up on the bed, her bed, table but not the tub. I put her up there sometimes she will drink sometimes not. She refuses the bowls. She is eating lots as usual, im getting water in her, but shes down. almost depressed looking like she lost her best friend. She has been staying in bed 23 hrs a day. When shes up she walks then lays down. moves some where else lays down. Eating great. Tonight we played she ran and jumped on the chairs like notthing was bothering her, she would jump without thinking, but if were not playing shes lying down with her head sunk down. she is grooming herself. Shes pooing fine, and pees when i put her in the box. I have noticed she was a scratcher in the box for like ten mins each time now she goes and runs soon as shes done. Shes on day three of orbax antibiotic. could this be downess from the infection? Been thru to much lately? should i request a exray althoough he told me two different times if she had something broke we would know it. Before the fall she was a wild cat climbed the walls, now shes totally different. Could she still be sore from the fall 11 days ago? sore from the infection? Thank you

Online vet, Dr. Marie

Dr. Marie replied:

It sounds like Nilly has really been through a lot. Poor kitty!

If the vet said that she may have torn tissue in her leg then it's possible that she has a ruptured cruciate ligament. This is the same thing as an ACL tear. If cats have this problem then it can take weeks or even months to recover.

Not moving for most of the day is a sign of pain in cats. When cats hurt they often just don't move and look sullen. For that reason, I would definitely recommend asking your vet for an xray. I have seen some cats that had fractures that I could not feel on a physical exam.

If the infection was causing her to be lethargic she really should have improved within a day or two of taking antibiotics.

If the vet does not find anything on xray then you could ask if they could prescribe something such as Metacam or Tramadol for pain to see if that helps her.

It really does sound like there is something more serious going on.

I hope she feels better soon!

Dr. Marie.

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Customer reply:

Nilly seems to be doing better. She still though lays flat on her side or on her belly with her nose touching the the carpet and stares out into space. She also will not jump up to things yet. she wants to but doesnt. We went back to the vet thismorning. He still does not believe she needs a exray. He felt of all her bones again pulled and said he feels nothing out of the ordinary. No buldging disks, her spine feels good, her legs feel good, she doesnt show any indication shes in pain while hes checking her. all her blood work was good. The only time she makes a small cry is when you pick her up with your hand under her belly Today he did some balance test and checked her eyes, he says she is moving good. i told him i was afraid she is in pain but he really doesnt think she is. She will perk up when i enter the room then lay her head back down and stare aimlessly. He gave her a steroid shot to see if she will perk up and im suppose to call him monday to tell him how she is doing. she has gotten up twice this morning and walked thru the house but then went back and laid down. He said she might could be sore a little.

Online vet, Dr. Marie

Dr. Marie replied:

I'm glad to hear that Nilly is improving but it still concerns me that she doesn't want to move much. However, your vet is in a much better place than I am in judging her level of discomfort as he is able to do a full exam.

Let's hope she improves even more after the shot.

Dr. Marie

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