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Very sick puppy.

Species: Dog
Breed: jack russel mix
Age: Less than 3 mon
Hi there
So we bought a puppy from this lady a few days ago. The puppy was fine running and all. My daughter so attached to her. Then she started to have runny stools and then vomit a few times. We rushed her to our Vet today. Vet said she has 3 different types of worms and hookworms is one of them and has become anemic from blood loss. So she is there now getting treamnet with a bloodless transfusion and vitamins and all. She was very weak when we dropped her off. We have had 2 calls from vet today they said she seem a little more energy she has had no more loose stool or vomit. Im just so worried waiting tonight where they dont have staff to watch her. waiting for my daughters heart to make break in two is the worst. What kind of chances do you think it has. The blood level was at a 5% compared to what it should be at 45%. What would you say her survival chance is? Thankyou

Online vet, Dr. Marie

Dr. Marie replied:

Aww, sorry to hear that your new little addition to your family is not well. I have had several cases like this. I've seen puppies have combinations of roundworms, giardia, coccidia, hookworms or others. I can tell you that the vast majority of the time these dogs will pull through just fine. The ones that don't do well are the ones that don't get proper treatment....i.e. the ones where the owners waited too long to come in, or didn't have the money to pay for hospitalization.

A red cell level of 5% is indeed a cause for concern, however. If you read veterinary textbooks they will tell you that dogs with a red cell level that low are at a significant risk for dying. My experience, however, is that most of them do really well once we get them on IV fluids and medications to counteract the parasites.

It sounds like your vet is doing all of the same things I would. I'm also really pleased by the fact that Ruthie has been making improvements throughout the day. This is an excellent sign!

I obviously can't say for sure how well Ruthie will do, but it sounds like she is getting the exact type of treatment that she should. I know it is hard to leave her overnight with no one to monitor her. In my clinic we have the option of sending some dogs to an emergency clinic for 24 hours monitoring, but often we will have dogs on fluids in the hospital overnight with no one to monitor them. It is extremely rare that we have problems overnight.

I really hope that Ruthie improves quickly. If she is this sick from parasites, then she really should make a dramatic improvement once the medication kicks in.

If you have more questions, let me know. Unfortunately I am heading offline now. (I'll be online for about 5 minutes more), but I'll check in on you in the morning.

Dr. Marie.

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Customer reply:

Thankyou so much ! worth every cent. Im so glad to know you have this site, where I have a few animals to ask questions in the future. Thankyou again for answering so quickly :)

Customer reply:

Hello there,
I wanted to let you know that ruthie blood level went up from a 5% to an 8% today. She still does have some blood when they take her temp, and she has been vomiting. Im real worried about those 2 things. Also they started her on a anibiotic and something so she dont throw up and is still on a Iv. And said if she does btter tommorrow they will release her. Im very concerned about this, wont she get worse here and be hospitalized more? Thankyou again

Online vet, Dr. Marie

Dr. Marie replied:

I'm glad to hear that there is an improvement in Ruthie's red cell level.

Regarding the hospitalization, your vet will likely not release her if they feel she still needs fluids. If she's not totally better they'll likely want to keep her longer.

Do you know if she has been tested for parvo virus? This virus can be very serious and can cause the symptoms you have mentioned. However, the treatment for parvo is the same as what she is getting already.

Customer reply:

Thanku yeah she tested neg for parvo.. I woild like ruthie to spend the week there.i just hope they dont wanna release her. Can I suggest she stay there for the week....thanku again..later

Online vet, Dr. Marie

Dr. Marie replied:

That's good news about the negative parvo test. I am sure that they will be willing to keep her if she is not 100%. I would never have a problem with keeping an animal hospitalized, unless there was a financial issue.

Hope she continues to do well!

Dr. Marie.

Customer reply:

well they released her today! but she is so so weak. There going to see her again in 7 days. Im a little worried to end up in the same boat. I so thankyou by the way very much for your response. Thankyou Anastasha

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