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Vomiting Dog.

Species: Dog
Breed: Jack Russell
Age: 5-8 years
I contacted you about Little White Dog on April 24. She had had an exploratory to rule out foreign body and Dr. decided it was a case of unresponsive pancreatitis. She really did not have a return appt. except to take her stitches out and @ that time we were able to talk to the vet to tell him that the dog is still vomiting pretty much everything she takes in sometimes not immediately and maybe not for a couple of hours but then she will wretch out of the blue 2 or 3 times. When we told our vet this, he consulted with another vet over the phone and decided to treat Little White for H. Pylori. I really have to disguise this med in a heavier than usual feeding as Little White is really still only taking the broth from Campbell's Chicken and Stars Soup or a homemade soup that I make. The medicine for the H.P. is Amoxicilllin 50 mg. 2 pills bid and Metronidazole 250 mg. 1/2 bid along with PeptoBismol and Pepcid.She has lost a little over a pound,starting out a little over 11 pounds. She really does not keep the medicine down permanently although she may not throw up for a couple of hrs. with any of the above meds. and sometimes I don't give her any of the meds because she may have just vomited. She is still drinking water well on her own, urinating, not sure about b.m.s and plays with her ball and squeaky toy. When my husband called the vet's office today and told the office he was possibly thinking about taking the dog to Louisiana State University School of Vet. Med., the doctor never called us back. I'm thinking about a supplement with more calories but they all have milk. Not sure what to do. Do you have any comments or suggestions? Forgot to tell you this but the dog does act hungry. If we would let her eat anything she would but does throw it up because she did eat some of the other dogs food.

Online vet, Dr. Marie

Dr. Marie replied:

Oh dear. I'm so sorry to hear that Little White Dog is still vomiting this much! What a frustrating situation.

I have some questions for you:

  • Does she vomit up water?

  • When she vomits does it look partially digested at all, or is it just a tube of undigested food?

Thanks. I am in appointments today but should be able to answer you in between seeing patients.

Dr. Marie.

For reference: Your previously asked question.

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Customer reply:

Little White Dog does vomit up some water because when she vomits @ times that is all she has had the previous hour or so before that particular vomiting episode. She does not vomit immediately every time she drinks water and sometimes she does not vomit it at all.Her vomit comes out looking foamy and thick mucusy textured and clear or if she has taken some little solid thing like maybe a little of the heavier pieces of soup I give to disguise her meds it comes out in little chunks floating in liquid and the color of the soup.The reason I stopped administering the whole pills by mouth was because she tried to bite my hand and I felt she was tired of us shoving pills down her. We still use a syringe to get the Pepto down her.But the vet wanted us to originally give her 10cc of Pepto bid 2 hrs. before her HP meds but that was a fight and ended up coming out the sides of her mouth. Lucky to get 5cc down. And then we would find the little pink puddle on the floor where she had vomited out some of the dose.I was thinking about putting a glycerin suppository in and holding it there to see if her bowels need to move.(I would hold it until it was a little soft and I could insert the rest in her anus)

Online vet, Dr. Marie

Dr. Marie replied:

Ok thanks for that info. I wondered if she had an esophagus problem but what you're describing doesn't sound like this.

I am a little stumped as to what is going on.

I would not recommend the suppository. We rarely would use these in dogs and it's not likely to help.

I think your idea of going to the University is a great one. This is a complicated case and we need to find some way to make Little White Dog better! You can likely call the University vet clinic directly and make an appointment. They will call your regular vet and get the records faxed over.

I wish I could give you more advice on what to do at home but it doesn't sound like there will be an easy solution to this. She may need a hospital stay with some injectable medications to help with the vomiting.

Customer reply:

Dr.Marie,I just want to let you know that Little White Dog is @ The LSU Vet. School Intensive Care Unit. Diagnosis: Megaespophagus(Hope I spelled that right)They are doing further tests to determine the cause. I don't think she will need a feeding tube. We plan to make her a Bailey chair or similar facsimile.I am in the process of educating myself about all aspects of the disease. There is even an online support group for owners.

Online vet, Dr. Marie

Dr. Marie replied:

AH! This is why I was asking about the type of vomit that came out. So, what she is doing is not actually vomiting, but rather regurgitation. Usually the food doesn't look digested, but sometimes it is hard to tell. I thought it could be megaesophagus, but got thrown of by the description of vomit. LOL!

I am so glad that you have a diagnosis. There are lots of things that can be done to help a dog with megaesophagus.

Customer reply:

I have no doubt I will be needing your expert advice soon and just a friendly ear to bounce my thoughts about Little White.God bless you for this service.Until next question take care of yourself and all those dear animals.

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