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Is kennel cough contagious to people?

Species: Dog
Breed: standard poodle
Age: 2-5 years
hi my 3 year old standard poodle went to the groomer on wed and today he was diagnosed with kennel cough he had a temp of 103.3 runny nose and the worst ear infection our vet has seen it had green and yellow puss in both ears. he has not coughed yet.
can me and my husband get it from him? we kissed him a hundred times on the nose yesterday to see if he had a fever
also i have a 10 year old stndard poodle who started clavomox on monday for a bloody she protected from this spreading to her? she doesnt have any symtoms yet and she will be on the clavomox till net week wed. they eat out of the same bowl and drink from the same bowl.
do you think he got it from the groomer we had never been theree before and there were over 15 dogs there?

Online vet, Dr. Marie

Dr. Marie replied:

Aw, sorry to hear that Sugar Bear is having these problems.

First of all, you can rest assured that you will not get kennel cough from your dog. It is not contagious to people. Kennel cough can be caused by a number of different viruses and bacteria. One of these bacteria is something called Bordetella. There is some speculation that people will very depressed immune systems (such as people on intensive chemotherapy or HIV patients) could catch Bordetella from the dog, but this rarely happens.

Unfortunately, Clavamox will not protect your other dog from the virus. If your other dog gets kennel cough then the antibiotic may lessen some of the symptoms, but because this is a virus, an antibiotic is not going to prevent her from catching it. There really isn't much you can do at this point to prevent the other dog from getting the virus. I have seen many houses where one dog had kennel cough and the other dogs in the house did not get it, so hopefully that is the case in your house.

So the next question is to figure out if it is possible that he picked up the virus at the groomer's. The incubation period for kennel cough is usually 4-10 days. If Sugar Bear was groomed on Wednesday and it is now Friday, then it is unlikely that he picked up the virus at the groomers. This type of virus is spread through the air and can be picked up almost anywhere.

You can find some more information on kennel cough here:
Kennel cough in dogs.

I hope things look up soon!

Dr. Marie.

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Customer reply:

is the ear infection seperate or is it part of this upperrespitory infection, kennel cough?

Online vet, Dr. Marie

Dr. Marie replied:

The ear infection would not be directly related to the kennel cough. However, there may be a possible connection. If this was a severe ear infection (which it sounds like it was), then Sugar Bear's immune system was likely struggling a little as it was trying to fight the ear infection. This may have made him less able to fight off the respiratory virus.

Customer reply:

thank you me and my husband are pretty healthy 40 year olds so i think we dont have to worry about catching it. thanks for all your help
and i hope he gets better soon
one more question how long till hes not contagious
and how long till hes feeling better

Online vet, Dr. Marie

Dr. Marie replied:

It's often hard to know how long a dog with kennel cough is contagious for. In general I recommend that an infected dog stays away from other dogs for two weeks. The first week after infection is when he is the most contagious. You can read more information on how contagious kennel cough is by reading this part of the article on kennel cough.

How long he takes to feel better can really vary as well. In general, I find that most dogs feel really under the weather for just a couple of days and then make a gradual improvement. It can take several days to even several weeks for a complete recovery.

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