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Sore pug.

Species: Dog
Breed: PUG
Age: 8-11 years
The first time we thought something was wrong was when we took him out for his usual morning walk, he did not want to walk or poop or pee and just sat down on the grass. No amount of coaxing would make him want to get up and walk. He had to be carried back indoors. In the days prior to this he had become slow and lethargic and it was unusual behavior when taken out for is morning ritual. We took him to the vet and he prescribe an antibiotic "baytril", he did a urine and blood test and took an xray of the back. He did a Geriatric profile. When the course of Baytril ran out Jerry was much better but the next day he was back with the old symptoms. The vet extended his course of Baytril. Now he has a hard time in the morning and pees and poops but does not want to walk and has to be carried back in when indoors likes to sit down a lot. He lays with his paws in the front and even in front of his food which is very unusual. He does have his food though ultimately by himself. Today he yelped once as though he was in some kind of pain. He does that when someone step on his toe or something. He wants to lay down most of the time, we feel he also has a very slight limp. However during the evening he becomes a lot better and active and even wants to play. The doctor thinks he has a urinary infection. He is an intact male. But we find this morning lethargy and sitting down very disconcerting and it appears he is in some kind of pain. On touching him everywhere we cannot seem to replicate the pain anywhere. So what intrigues us is that he is on this antibiotic and he has such a difference from morning behavior and evening time behavior. Overall he is slow and not his usual self. Please advise

Online vet, Dr. Marie

Dr. Marie replied:

Hmm....this sounds like a frustrating situation.

Do you know if your vet has done a prostate exam? (This is where he or she would put a finger inside the anus and feel the prostate to see if it is enlarged or painful at all.) I'm guessing that the vet is concerned that this is a prostate infection as this is something that we would treat with Baytril.

It does seem coincidental that the symptoms got better when he was on Baytril, but it's quite unusual that the problem would come back just one day after finishing.

If the vet feels that he or she has narrowed it down to the prostate then I would be concerned that there could be something more serious like a prostatic abscess. They may need to do an ultrasound to determine if this is the case. A prostatic abscess is treatable but usually needs surgery to be treated. It is something that would get temporarily better on antibiotics.

I also get really worried about back problems any time a pug is in pain. Back problems do not always turn up on xrays.

If this were my case I would likely be prescribing an anti-inflammatory medication such as Metacam, Previcox or Rimadyl to see if this helps.

If he seems to be this uncomfortable today it does sound like he will need to go in to see the vet again.

Please let me know if you have more questions and I really hope that Jerry is feeling better soon!

Dr. Marie.

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Customer reply:

Dr. Marie:

He did do an anal exam, and also prescribed metacam which did not help. I think he does think it could be a prostrate issue. However he does not feel its anything to do with the spine as he tried to see if there was pain. He did see a rise in the white blood cells. He is getting Baytril 68 mg. This dog is also allergic and I have to give him a allergy shot every month. Could it be the side effects of the drug? And if is something to do with prostrate - what would be the next steps for that.

Online vet, Dr. Marie

Dr. Marie replied:

This doesn't sound likely to be secondary to his allergy medicines.

If this were my case, from what you have described I would likely be doing an ultrasound of the prostate to look for either a tumor or, more likely, an abscess.

The good news is that if this is an abscess it is something treatable. However, the bad news is that a prostatic abscess usually requires a surgery which can be quite pricey.

Customer reply:

Thanks Dr. Marie - I think our Vet and you are in absolute concurrence. Meanwhile we gave metacam last night and he was much better in the morning. We reported it back to our vet here. We are now looking to get an ultrasound done and have the prostrate examined. If they do find something we will then go for surgery. We thank you for all your help.

Online vet, Dr. Marie

Dr. Marie replied:

You're very welcome! I hope things are completely better soon!

Dr. Marie

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