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Liver shunt or MVD

Species: Dog
Breed: Dachshund
Age: 6-12 months
Hello Dr. Maria.

I have a 6 month old male Dachshund. He went in to get a neuter and his pre anesthetic blood work came back with high liver enzymes. So my vet called off the neuter and did further blood tests to see how the liver was functioning, this test did not come back with great results. We are trying to rule out Liver Shunt for my little guy. I live in Calgary, AB and this surgery I was told starts at $5,000 so I am looking for some information to avoid surgery. One due to the money, but mainly I don't want to put a dog through an invasive surgery on his liver.

First off Chandler's results showed low urea in his first blood test with high liver enzymes. Then the vet did a bile acid concentration test where she took a fasting blood work sample and then one 2 hours after a feeding. The vet said Chandlers results were at 58.

I am wanting to know is a result at 58 really bad? Would that indicate to you a Liver Shunt or just microvascular dysplasia?

My little guy shows no signs of a liver shunt or liver problems. He is happy, healthy and growing on par. The vet says he is not stunted in growth at all. He is 10 pounds at 6 months (his mom was a mini and his dad a standard). He is happy and playful with my other dachshunds. He does not stare off into space, he has not had seizures, he always wants to eat and play, he does not vomit or act drunk. He has no yellowing of the eyes, or any symptoms what so ever. The ONLY thing he does is drink a lot of water and go pee a lot which I know is a less common sign. The vet took a urine sample and all results were normal.

My vet has provided me with lots of information, I would just like a second opinion. Chandler is scheduled to go for an Ultrasound as I was told that was the only way to determine if Liver Shunt or microvascular dysplasia. I am looking for your medical opinion and what you would do if this was your patient. Also your treatment if results of ultrasound show microvascular dysplasia. I am also wanting to know what will happen to Chandler if he does have a liver shunt and we choose not to do surgery. I do not want to put down a 6 month old dog, but I do not want this animal suffering with the surgery if it goes bad or without. I am also scared if he will make the surgery.

I appreciate all information you have.

Yours truly,


Online vet, Dr. Marie

Dr. Marie replied:

I am sorry to hear that you and your little guy are going through this. I have had a couple of similar cases where a potential liver problem was found on preanesthetic blood work and it can be quite traumatic to get that news.

The ultrasound is definitely the next step. Hopefully you will get some conclusive results. Occasionally it can still be hard to tell what is going on even with a good ultrasound and biopsy. But once you get your answer it should be easier to decide what needs to be done.

If this is a liver shunt, then yes, in many cases, surgery is an excellent option, but it is expensive. Some dogs can live with a liver shunt and not have surgery. If you choose this option then your vet will likely prescribe medication to help ease the load on the liver and special prescription food that is formulated to be easier on the liver as well. I have some liver shunt patients that live good long happy lives and all we do is monitor their blood tests every few months and we're careful not to prescribe medications that are processed through the liver.

Regarding the potential for microvascular dysplasia, I think you may find these previously answered questions helpful:

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Hopefully this helps answer your questions. The best advice I can give you is to trust the advice of your vet. It sounds like they are doing all of the same things I would.

Dr. Marie.

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