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Trouble urinating after neuter surgery.

Species: Dog
Breed: Golden
Age: 6-12 months
Hi Dr,

Max was neutered yesterday at 10 am. The nurses said he went to pee 2 hours post-op.

But he did not pee last night and so far at 9:40 am, despite drinking a normal amount of water this morning, he hasn't peed.
Nurses said to wait a few hours and call back.

Is this normal? He's a bit lethargic but I coaxed him to eat 1 cup of food before giving him Rimadyl 150 mg.



Online vet, Dr. Marie

Dr. Marie replied:

Hi Jay...I'm not too worried about him not urinating. I would be worried, however, if he was trying to pee and having difficulty.

There really isn't a post surgical complication that could cause Max to not have urine there. Most likely he has some discomfort from the surgery and is reluctant to get into the posture to urinate.

I agree with the nurse...give him a few more hours and see how things go.

But, if he is trying to urinate and not able to get urine out then this is more serious.

Dr. Marie.

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Customer reply:

He's made no effort to pee. Perhaps it's still tender. He does squat to pee.

I'm assuming if he hasn't peed by noon they place a catheter inside to drain him and make him more comfortable.


Online vet, Dr. Marie

Dr. Marie replied:

To be honest Jay, I've never seen a dog not be able to urinate after a neuter surgery. But most likely, yes, if he hasn't peed by noon then have them take a look. They likely will pass a catheter.

I bet you he'll pee soon though!

Thanks for those pictures of Max's teeth...Isn't the body amazing?

Dr. Marie

Customer reply:

So large a shift in just 3 months is amazing and I'm not even sure what pressures repositioned it. In my case I needed 3 years of braces!

Customer reply:

Actually by 5 pm he peed for 5 minutes. Melted the snow down to the grass.

Today is day 2 on Rimadyl 150. Drinking normal and activity level varies from subdued to hyper. No vomiting and stools normal but appetite is about half normal. Web sites say its a common side effect but to contact your vet immediately. Am I taking this out of context?



Online vet, Dr. Marie

Dr. Marie replied:

Wow...I'm surprised it took him till 5 pm. He must have really had to go by then!

What he's doing now sounds normal to me. It can often take a few days to get totally back to normal.

How does his incision look?

Customer reply:

Incision looks good. No redness or swelling so far. Only the most minor leakage.

I remember they used to send you home with clavamox. I guess that's before laser surgery.

Online vet, Dr. Marie

Dr. Marie replied:

neuter incision

It looks good to me too. It's a little red, but for 2 days post op that is quite normal.

I don't send neuters home with antibiotics.

I really think Max is fine. He should gradually pick up his appetite each day. If, however, his appetite is decreasing rather than increasing over the next few days then I'd have his vet take another look.

Customer reply:

Sounds good.
One small question - does the scrotum get reabsorbed or does it remain as it is now? (and no, I am not investing in neuticles!)

Online vet, Dr. Marie

Dr. Marie replied:

It will definitely shrink up and look like nothing is there.

I've yet to have experience with neuticals thankfully!!!

Customer reply:


One more thing. You're already hooked into Facebook and Twitter. Are you missing the last pillar of the internet - Youtube. You could easily post links to your web page.

I was thinking what if you had a library of 1-2 minute videos discussing the best dog foods, how to clean ears, safe dog toys, changing a dressing, giving a pill... whatever.


Online vet, Dr. Marie

Dr. Marie replied:

We are on the same wavelength Jay! I just this week bought myself a Canon Rebel T2i and I have been shooting some video on it. I've got a great video of how to express anal glands. (Yes, I know not what everyone wants to see...LOL!)

However, I've had laryngitis the last few days so I haven't been able to record the voice over for it yet.

It should be up on youtube soon!

Customer reply:

Good luck with the glands. My previous dog had issues with that until eventually they had to be removed.

Good nite.


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