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Lesion on cat's neck

Species: Cat
Breed: long hair domestic
Age: 1-2 years

My cat had a lesion on his neck, it caused him no obvious pain. I brought him to my vet and he explained to me that he may be allergic to something or could be his immune system. Hes prone to this type of problem before and I couldnt put in 100s fiquring out what it was.

He gave me the steriod I've been given by other vets in past years and it worked. In about 5 days the lesion was gone and it was clearing up. The thing that drives me crazy is that after not being on the meds for a few days he starts at it again. It could be his long hair or I might need to get a collar. I inherited this cats with my apt. haha..we were never raised with animals and I couldnt let them go to who knows where. I obviously dont want him in any pain. But I have to watch what I spend, especially these days. It may be seasonal I dont remember him having it but he may have. No tearing, or swolleness, personalities fine, everything else is normal..He could be allergic to his own dander. I never let him in the bedroom.

He has a brother which has no issue at all. I have no vet background of course but it looks like hes prone to this like some people are prone to poison ivy. The vet would probably renew the drug so I can have it.I'm looking for a solution so I dont have to bring him back and forth and be driven into the poor house. lol..Thank you.

Online vet, Dr. Marie

Dr. Marie replied:

Situations like these are frustrating!

It sounds like what you are describing is a condition called an eosinophilic plaque. We really don't know what causes these but we think that there is some connection to the immune system.

We generally treat them with steroids, as you mentioned. It sounds like your vet is treating Butters with steroid tablets.

I have had better success in using a steroid injection. The injection is quite inexpensive and stays in the cat's system for about 4-6 weeks. The drawback to the injection though is that there is a very small percentage of cats that can develop diabetes after getting steroid injections. However, this is quite rare. I have given thousands of steroid injections and I have had 2 cats get diabetes.

We do think that these have something to do with allergies. So, for some cats, putting them on a hypoallergenic food will help. Also, I usually treat these cats with a good quality flea product as well even if I can't see fleas. Some cats are so allergic to fleas that even one flea bite can set them off with awful skin problems.

Unfortunately though, for most of these cats they need to have regular vet care.

I wish I had a better solution for you!

Dr. Marie.

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Customer reply:

Hi Dr.

Thats exactly what he said about the plague. Who knows what causes it. Its almost all healed and some spots where he scratched it. He gave me the pills and they worked. Sounds like this is a type issue that is something that needs damage control. The injection and pills worked the same way. He flea free, I had him check. I picked up where the landlord left off and I always given them the same stuff. Just Freaskies dry food and few different types but always dry. Thank you for your response, the vets calling back at some point and I will let you know.

thank you again

Online vet, Dr. Marie

Dr. Marie replied:

I just have one more comment in regards to the flea medicine. If it is not a prescription product such as Revolution or Advantage then it still may be worthwhile to get some of that. Again, even if you are not seeing fleas, it can only take one to get a cat going!

Hope all works out well!
Dr. Marie

Customer reply:

To my knowledge it is perscription. I talked to him today and he said just as you did. Its the most frustrating part about this...its driving me crazy more than him. hahaa.

Its plague, the way it heals is very steriod friendly is what he says. The cause is a mystery as you know, it could be the air thats setting off his immune system but who knows. Thankful thats its happening to him and not his brother...he wants nothing to do with being taken anywhere but I guess thats cats for you. I checked him when I got in and he hasnt been at it. Im guessing its not his hair. I'll keep your flea advise in mind, Im watching what I spend and since it takes 3 doors to get to the outside, I dont want to spend more than I have to. Hes refilling the steriod and I'll pick it up tomorrow. Im sure you've heard of Pill Pockets, those are the greatest invention!! Butters goes crazy for them and I could put sianide in there and he'd take it down.

Sorry to keep rambling but this is Jersey and everyones in a rush. :) Its nice to be heard. I'll keep you informed.


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