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Where can I buy Tramadol?

Species: Dog
Breed: Labrador
Age: 11-15 years
Steve has a degenerative disease.He is doing well.I give him steroids almost every day.I forgot the name it is the problem wher part of his head starts to go flat and at times he looses balance.I take very good care of him hes a big boy weighs 85 lbs eats well drinbks well poops well and my Vet says for me to give him his medication as he needs it He is doing weell. I had given him Torbutrol as needed, very infrequently.The problem as you know is its very expensive and for a while hard to get until Phyzer bought the Wythee lab. I paid $120 for 10 pills of 10mg I have a prescription from my Vet who has a small operation in Broward County Fl, I see her as she is knowledgable and kind I live in Miami Beach 30 niles away .She suggested I look and see if I can find any suppllier and she gave me a script for 100 ,10 mg tablets. She only has one other dog with a trachea problem on Torbutrol . I know he is at the end of his life, but I would like to find a legitimate Vet or Pharmacy that would sell me 100 Torbutrol tablets 10mgs at a more reasonable price. We tried Tramadol 3 times a day and it has no effect on him. I just want him comfortable.Do you know where I can buy Tramadol a bottel of 100 I dont care if its the UK or Canada I have a sript. I left an e-mail with Phizer today

Thanks You


Online vet, Dr. Marie

Dr. Marie replied:

Thanks for your question. I'm sorry to hear that Steve is having these problems.

Is it Tramadol or Torbutrol that Steve is on? From what you are describing, it sounds like the Torbutrol is what is working for Steve which is surprising because it usually doesn't work too well for pain in dogs.

Regarding Tramadol, we get ours in our clinic compounded at a compounding pharmacy. The one we use is called Summit Pharmacy. Drugs that are ordered via Summit need to be ordered by your veterinarian so you can have them take a look and see if it is cost effective for you.

There are many online pharmacies that will ship to you if you have a script. While it's sometimes hard to find which ones are reputable, I do believe that 1-800 Pet Meds is OK.

Here is the page for Tramadol.

Unfortunately they don't sell Torbutol.

If you'd like to give me more information about Steve's condition I can see if I can comment some more. Again, there really aren't any conditions other than perhaps a cough that we would treat with Torbutol in dogs.

If this is a pain issue, and Steve needs to be on steroids then he can't go on an NSAID such as Metacam or Rimadyl. But, you may ask your vet about using a drug called Gabapentin, which is a drug which I will add on to a dog who needs pain relief when Tramadol is not working.

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Customer reply:

Thank you zo much. Steve takes TORBUTROL as needed
I'm aware of the pharmiicology and it's primary
use for kennel. Ough dogs on chemical
My Vet was trained in Houston with a specialty in
Internal medicine bSteves condition is Muscle Miocitis and miastenia gravis.
Produces muscular degenaration.
Muscles throughout body will start degenarating.
It is a progressive disease that has no cure. No medication for it.
It's an immune mediated disease Needs to rest as if in a nursing home.
Soft foods preferred. No exercising.usMuscle Miocitis and miastenia gravis.
Produces muscular degenaration.
Muscles throughout body will start degenarating.
It is a progressive disease that has no cure. No medication for it.
It's an immune mediated disease Needs to rest as if in a nursing home.
Soft foods preferred. No exercising. TORBUTROL
Is thR only Ned that helps his huge hind legs
which may have arthritis also function normmLly
and with no pain. I give him 5 mg twice a day ig needed
I give him 10 mg one tablet twice a day and taper
Off other than slower and zi font force him to do Nything
He eats great drinks. Lot because of the Pretidone
and with the Torrbuttol I gave him one yesterday night
nothing tonight and he is happy wagging his tail not
breathing heavily. I also talked to the school of
Veterbart medicine in Gainsville Fl and gave
them all his mess symptoms. They said no need
To bring him the diagnosis was correct. Which I sent
Then and due to his pain in his hind legs they
Agreed that the TORBUTROL given only S needed
Was the appropriate narcotic So Dr. I need to
get him 100 polls of TORBUTROL I. n not find it
abywhere. Even injectable I h e experience
with injections. But due to it'd high cost and li
Limited use it's impossible to find in Miami

I prefer to buy 100 take one hit fir $$ and that
Us mire cost effective than $120 for 10 pills

Please see if you cab refer ne to a vet or pharmacy that
will sell ne a bottle if 100 10 mg rBs with a
Prescription fro
My Fl licensed Vet

Thank you


Online vet, Dr. Marie

Dr. Marie replied:

If I understand you right, you are looking for a way to buy Torbutrol so that it is less expensive than at your vet's office (as the price has gone up since Pfizer bought it).

Here are a few options for you:

Phone some local pharmacies and ask if they stock it. The generic name is Butorphanol 10mg. So, if they stock Butorphanol then they will honor a script by your vet.

Or, the next option is to go with a compounding veterinary pharmacy. Summit, that I mentioned above is one that can likely make it for you. Your vet likely works with a compounding pharmacy already.

Unfortunately there is no other manufacturer of Torbutrol.

I've been searching for quite a while now and I can't find an internet pharmacy that carries it. Sorry, I wish I could help you more!

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